HE Laundry Detergent in Manila

Rexcel struggles to find suitable High-Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent for her washer/dryer in Manila, Philippines.

Recently, we bought a washing machine from LG Philippines and it is a High-Efficiency (HE) front-loading washer-dryer combination machine.

Because it is a HE washer, my partner reminded me that we are not able to use any ol’ laundry detergent with this machine.

LG Philippines

To be absolutely certain, we decided to write to LG Philippines and seek their advice and ask them if it is also possible to get a list of recommended and/or suggested laundry detergents to use with our brand new washer.

This what they confirmed in an email reply to our enquiry:

About your query, we suggest detergents with HE labels and we’re sorry to inform you that we can’t provide you a brand of detergents.

Washing machine manufacturer’s email reply

So it is true, we can only use HE laundry detergent with our washing machine.

Do you know it is almost impossible to find HE laundry detergent in the Philippines today?

If you walk in to any supermarket or grocery store in Manila today, chances are, you will not find even one laundry detergent with the HE label on it! It’s crazy but true…

Laundry Detergent Manufacturers

We also wrote to the 2 largest manufacturers and product sales of laundry detergents in the country and this is what each said in their email replies:



For front loading washing machines, it is recommended to use our Ariel Power gel products, which is specifically formulated for front loading machines. This is designed as medium Suds product. But please be reminded to follow the usage instruction to dose the liquid. And if the wash load is smaller, need to justify the dosing amount lower as well to avoid suds overflow.

Excerpt from P&G’s email reply


In regard to your inquiry, we have Breeze liquid detergent that’s some other front loader machines are using. However, we always advise the user to follow the instruction of the manufacturer’s manual to what type of liquid/ powder detergents to be use in the machine as there are machines that’s requires low suds detergent.

Excerpt from Unilever’s email reply

Notice how both, P&G and Unilever, are very careful to skirt around the fact they do not yet carry/distribute a laundry detergent that has the HE label on it for the Philippines market.

We did find a some HE Laundry Detergents online, and even at the ACE Hardware store in SM Megamall. But they are all, without exception, very expensive! We did not find anything below ₱800 per bottle.

Meanwhile, the search for HE laundry detergent in the Philippines continues…

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