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Walking from Pioneer Woodlands Tower 3 to Forum Robinsons

We have been living here in Pioneer Woodlands Condominium now for over 2 years. And across the street from us, is a mall, the Forum Robinsons.

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Renewing your Malaysian passport as a tourist

I went to the Malaysian Embassy here in Manila, Philippines, recently, hoping to get my passport renewed.

Electronics Philippines

FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket

Yesterday, we received delivery of our second gimbal. We had just received the G6Max a couple of days before when we decided to buy another one, but this time one designed to work exclusively with smartphones.

Since we are pleased with our first FeiyuTech gimbal, the excellent G6Max, we thought we’d stick with them and purchase their tiny but amazing VLOG Pocket too.

Money Philippines

AirAsia Credit Card

On Valentine’s day I got a very special gift: a shiny new credit card, the AirAsia Credit Card (a Visa card), offered to me by my credit card issuer, RCBC Bankard, Philippines. ♥️

Electronics Philippines

FeiyuTech G6Max

We got our first gimbal 2 days ago – a brand new one from FeiyuTech.

The FeiyuTech G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is an amazing gimbal just recently released, exactly 2 months ago, on December 10th, 2019, according to one Facebook post.

Philippines Restaurant

Annapoorna, Gateway Regency, Mandaluyong

Annapoorna in Gateway Regency opened over 1 year ago, and we couldn’t be happier!

This wonderful Indian restaurant is perhaps a mere 300 meters away from our condominium here in Mandaluyong City – literally across the street from our home.

No more trips into Makati just to satisfy our cravings for some Indian food.

The food has been consistently amazing in Annapoorna, so it is no wonder why we have been there more than a few times already. Here is our review of the place after our recent meal in Annapoorna, Gateway Regency, yesterday.

Philippines Restaurant

Genki Sushi, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong

It was love at first sight with Genki Sushi in SM Megamall.

One day in 2018, we stumbled upon this slightly hidden away restaurant in Megamall and we have been going back there regularly ever since.

Since that first visit 2 years ago, it has remained our favourite sushi place in Metro Manila. Every time we are in Megamall and we cannot decide where to eat, all we have to do is ask each other, What about Genki? and we will both grin and agree immediately!

Yesterday, after maybe 2 or more months since the last time we were there, we went to Genki Sushi, in Megamall, again.

Malaysia Philippines

JRS Express, Forum Robinsons, Mandaluyong

Recently, we needed to send an important “document” (a plastic ATM card) to Malaysia and we chose to use JRS Express, a courier service company operating inside Forum Robinsons, the mall just across the road from our condominium here in Manila.

JRS Express in Forum Robinsons, is open everyday until 9:00 pm normally.

Philippines Restaurant

Mey Lin, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong

When we went to SM Megamall yesterday, all we wanted to do was buy an oven, not to have a nice meal.

But when we got hungry and started looking at fast-food outlets just to have a quick bite, we stumbled upon this Chinese restaurant hidden in one far corner of this humongous mall.

As we walked in, we convinced ourselves that we were just going to have a quick meal. Perhaps just share a plate of fried noodles…

Learning Journal

Backup WordPress UPLOADS folder

I develop my web sites from more than 1 computer typically. So, in the case of all my web sites developed with WordPress, I need to have a local copy of the wp-content/plugins and wp-content/uploads folders on each development machine if I want to test anything for my web site locally — on my laptop, for instance — before pushing it back out to the web server.

FYI: Computers, laptops and servers I use are all powered by Linux.